How to Learn Piano Online

How To Learn To Play Piano Online

How-to Learn to Play the Piano Online

If you are reading this, chances are you are contemplating learning piano online or having doubts whether you can teach yourself to play the piano or not. We’re here to shed some light on online learning, point you where to find free sheet music piano pdf, and introduce you to some of the popular learning resources. All are available at your fingertips.

Learning to play the piano online has never been this easy with the current technology. To begin with, you just need to have an electric or acoustic piano, computer, and the internet, et voila!

While traditional piano lessons with a teacher are no doubt important, you have the tools and capability to learn online whatever macro and micro-skills for playing the piano. In this article, we’re here to give you the gist of learning the piano and how to get you started.

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What makes learning the piano online great?

With what the world has been through, and primarily because of the pandemic, you might say that learning a new skill has become more challenging. Yet, this is not the case with piano playing because it is unlike other skills where you are required to perform outside the comforts of your home (like driving a vehicle and skateboarding) or learn in a dedicated environment, (like swimming or dancing). You can get set up at home, choose a course online, and download practice sheet music.

When you are learning online, you enjoy the benefits of having accessibility and convenience. First, let’s talk about accessibility. At home, you are not under the constraints of traveling and squeezing in traffic. You can choose your teacher, especially the one you believe is a perfect match with your learning style. You have more options for the teaching style that suits you the most unlike in traditional training. Learning online is also great for those who have physical challenges or are living far from piano teachers and music schools.

Second, convenience. Learning online means you get to choose the schedule, duration, and consistency of your lessons. Whether you are a parent who can only study after all the children have gone to bed, or you are working most waking hours, online learning makes it easy for you. What makes it more convenient is that you have options in session prices. Online, you can choose whether to pay for a subscription for a month or a year, just for a single or a bunch of lessons. You will also find free tutorials if you are not keen on getting one-on-one training. The possibilities are endless.

The only challenge is that you may have too many options to choose from since learning to play the piano has been well-adapted and has long been in the online world. Luckily, we’re here to get you a bird’s eye overview of piano lessons on the web, and help you realize how you want to learn.

How can you learn online?

When you are learning on the internet, you must have a great relationship with technology, or at least, have acquired enough knowledge to get you started talking to your teacher online or start your sessions with an AI. If not, YouTube and Google tutorials are your friends.

As we mentioned earlier, you will find many platforms, websites, and applications offering piano tutorials. Before you start getting overwhelmed, we’re giving you an overview of what you will find out there.

There are four popular ways of getting piano lessons on the internet, and we classified them into online courses, interactive applications, live lessons, and video tutorials.

  • Online courses

    You can get these from learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare. These are some of the largest massive open online course services out there. You can choose from their list of piano lessons at any level, topics, and in any language that you prefer. These short courses come at various price ranges, and when you are able to finish your course, will provide you with a completion certificate. On these platforms, you can choose your teacher and enroll in their classes. You will be provided recorded video lessons and materials you can do at your own pace.

  • Interactive apps

    Interactive piano learning apps like Skoove, Flowkey, and Simply Piano are also great options. Modern apps like these can give you the training for basic note reading in both bass and treble clefs, perform with good hand position and do chords. These are best if you are at the beginner level or are refreshing your memory with the technical aspects of piano and note reading. At first, you can access basic lessons for free, but once you get to more advanced topics, you will be asked to pay for a bundle of lessons or for a subscription. As these are interactive apps, you will be the focus of the lesson, and using your device, mobile or tablet, or computer, you will be evaluated from time to time with your playing.

  • Live lessons

    Unlike online courses and interactive apps, live lessons allow you one-on-one sessions with a piano teacher. The lessons can be through Zoom or Skype and you will have to agree to a set appointment with the teacher. You will be instructed as if you are in the room with a teacher, and may be required a certain camera set up to monitor your playing. This is very much like the traditional piano lessons at home but done through the screen. As with having a personal tutor, you are allowed to move at a slow or fast pace in your training, and the teacher can immediately give you feedback for your performance.

  • Video tutorials

    These are what you will find on YouTube or Vimeo. These are recorded videos of teachers and other streamers uploaded to these video platforms and accessible at no cost. Usually, these are basic lessons that the teachers are providing as a sample of their format or presentation style. Then, you will be given the option to pay a subscription for one-to-one classes or more advanced topics. As these are recorded, you have the convenience of watching a video and pausing whenever you need to. The downside is that you will never get feedback until you are subscribed to their platform or website outside YouTube.

Where can you get free sheet music piano PDF online?

Once you are equipped with the basic know-how of playing the piano and reading notes, it’s time to find the sheet music you can practice to. Whether you are looking for classical, traditional, or popular music, you can certainly find what you are looking for on the web.

Many sheet music is free and for yours to keep if you know where to look. This is the great side of technology. Everything is within your reach and achievable with just a few clicks. The catch is that you will have to sift through legitimate websites, paywalls, and ads popping. And once you get your pdf, you have to check how well-written is your sheet music. Some websites will ask you to register and create an account. Or you may have to provide your personal information by way of registration.

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It’s easy to search Google for sheet music for a specific song, whether it is from a legitimate source or not. The caveat, most sheet music is under copyright protection and you will be asked not to reproduce these materials even if you are not selling these.

To avoid any penalties for illegal downloading, you can get your sheet music at PixieDustMusic. You can choose from a bunch of free easy piano sheet music pdf. Popular songs loved by a wide audience can be found in their repertoire.

PixieDustMusic is the perfect companion for your child’s music career: Age and level appropriate songs, which have been carefully crafted and selected by composers and renowned concert pianists. You can also choose the level of notation to suit your note-reading skills. Some of these are free so you are at liberty to build your collection of sheet music and get a taste of PixieDustMusic’s fantastic online service. Go check it out!

The Internet has become our best tool in learning new skills and creating your very own learning space at home. As for learning to play the piano, you are free to see what online platforms, apps, and websites can offer. You can choose to find a piano teacher to guide you via live lessons. You can enroll in online courses and get a certificate after completion. You can explore interactive apps and enjoy getting evaluations from AI. Or watch video tutorials that you can play over and over again and at no cost. It is accessible and convenient so wherever you live, whatever lifestyle you have, and whatever challenges there may be, you can start your training.

Make the most of your online learning and get your free sheet music collection started whatever level of mastery you are in. And lastly, make learning a way of life.

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