Free Piano Sheet Music for Beginners

Free Piano Sheet Music For Beginners


For Beginners: Free Piano Sheet Music

One of the most exciting musical instruments to play is the piano. This classic masterpiece is a wonderful addition to your home, like an ever-present companion with 88 keys to create beautiful music. But while the idea of playing the piano is exciting, the thought of spending hours learning music notes can be challenging for beginners.

The first thing to do is never entertain the defeating thoughts that can dampen your enthusiasm and desire to learn. Be ready to explore the possibilities and satisfaction of having a new skill. Don’t worry about the resources because there is a wide selection of free piano sheet music for beginners that are downloadable from several websites.

But first, let’s get familiar with the music notes that you will be reading from the piano sheets.

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What are music notes?

Think of the music notes as alphabet letters that you first learned as a child. The consistent practice helped you master the whole alphabet and learn how to pronounce each letter. Then, you are taught to use the combinations to read and write words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and so on.

The music notes are the alphabet of music and with constant practice, you will easily read and turn them into beautiful sounds with the help of your instrument. Each music note is marked by a letter – A B C D E F G (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do).

Trivia: Guido d’Arezzo, a music theorist during the medieval period introduced the Western system of using names. He used the initial syllables of the first 6 lines in the Ut Queant Laxis, a Latin hymn.

Songs for beginners

One of the easiest pieces for beginners is “The Sound of Music-Do-Re-Mi”. This iconic tune from the 1965 movie of Julie Andrews will teach you how the keys as well as the pitch of the music notes. The music was written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. You can download trial sheet music for free from Sheet Music Download, a popular site for amateur performers. Other “The Sound of Music” sheets you can download from this site are “Climb Every Mountain”, “Something Good”, “So Long, Farewell”, and more.

“Happy Birthday” is another song that is great for beginners. It is a must-have piece in your piano music sheet arsenal. It’s easy to learn and master. As you go along, you can try the jazzier version of this song. Check Music Theory Academy for free piano sheet music of the easy version and the intermediate piano version of this song.

Other songs that are recommended for new students are John Lennon’s “Imagine” and the classic “Someone You Loved”. The song “Imagine” is in C major (all white keys) and there are flats or sharps. A good site to get a free piano sheet music of this timeless song is Boss Piano. It can also be played slowly but will still sound so good. The pop song “Someone You Loved” is another simple piece to play as it uses similar chord progressions. You can download this Lewis Capaldi sheet music from Sheet Music for free.

Top sites that offer free piano music sheets for beginners

At the beginning of your musical journey, you can check various websites that offer free printable piano sheet music. Whether you are looking for classical or modern-day music, the world wide web has awesome resources.

  1. 8notes

    8Notes Music8notes has everything for musically-minded people. When you click Piano in the Free Sheet Music page, you will be redirected to another page with sub-categories such as Latest Piano Additions, Most Popular Piano, Traditional Piano, Christmas Piano Music, and more. There are Piano Resources like Piano Lessons, Piano Forums, Piano Scales, and Tests & Training. Browse and find interesting music sheets that you want to learn.

    It is important to start learning from sheet music that fits your skill level. It will make the journey of learning truly rewarding. Begin with simple and easy to master music pieces. As you gain skills and confidence, try the more challenging music arrangements from Piano Compilations and Mood Compilations.

  2. Musicnotes

    MusicNotes WebsiteAnother great site to check out for free downloadable piano sheet music is Musicnotes. This helpful site has a wide range of beginner sheet music arrangements under the category of Beginner Notes. All arrangements are designed to make learning fun and easy. The music notes are made large with corresponding letters to help newbies follow the instructions of a piano teacher with ease. For self-tutorial lessons, the big notes make it more convenient to read the music on the pages and master them without trouble.

    Musicnotes has a wide collection of free piano music for beginners. It is crucial to keep the interest of learners by having a variety of pieces. While it is important to master the first lessons, learning is more cool and fun when there are wonderful choices that would challenge the skills of the beginners. Some of the interesting sheet music in the Beginner Notes are Hedwig’s Theme (Harry Potter), Star Wars (Main Theme), Lovely Day (Bill Wither), Afterglow (Ed Sheeran), Over the Rainbow (The Wizard of Oz), Beauty and the Beast, and a lot more.

  3. IMSLP

    International Music Score Library ProjectPetrucci Music Library, which is popularly known as the IMSLP or International Music Score Library Project has the biggest free printable sheet music collection. Founded in 2006, this online database provides public domain music which means you can use the resources you want without copyright issues.

    To find piano music sheets, type in “For Piano” to direct you to this category. There are 200 pages of piano resources in alphabetical order. This site also supports 28 kinds of languages and its library boasts of over 460,000 musical scores, 54,000 recordings, and 17,000 composers.


    Musopen Music EducationWhile it is not as massive as IMSLP, MUSOPEN is another top site with an extensive library of public domain recordings and sheet music for various instruments. Piano students and teachers can find wonderful pieces to play. All resources are free for download, without copyright restrictions. However, only sheet music from classical composers and older artists is available for free download. The free tier members are also limited to 5 downloads a day.

    To start, search PIANO and you will be directed immediately to the collection of simple to complex musical arrangements. Its Sheet Music category is currently hosting more than 100,000 files. You can browse by time period, composer, and form. is also interesting to note that MUSOPEN has a streaming radio station as well as an education center.

  5. Pianotte

    Pianotte music solo sheetsPianotte is a great place for pianists since it is exclusively catering sheet music for beginners and advanced piano players. The downside, however, is it has more modern music than classic pieces. Click the Top 100 Sheet Music to access the free popular songs that are scored for piano such as Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye”, Elvis Presley’s “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”, and a whole lot more. Other categories include Latest Piano Additions, Love Songs, and Piano Arrangements + Midis. There are also helpful links to external sites that provide free sheet music.

  6. Making Music Fun

    Making Music Fun WebsiteIt’s a cool site that offers free sheet music for beginners and featured premium arrangements for intermediate students who are taking musical instrument lessons. Making Music Fun is truly designed for total beginners with its comprehensive resources, which include music theory worksheets, study guides, and lesson plans for teachers or self-study.

    Simply click the PIANO option to browse numerous sheet music from level 1 to level 5. The graded piano arrangements are carefully chosen to make the learnings motivating and engaging. You can easily access the unlimited selections with your mobile device or desktop. Also, if you need original arrangements for Music Recital or Festival performance, you can print any of their (intellectual property) premium sheet music arrangement.

  7. Mutopia Project

    Mutopia Project WebsiteRemark: As of 03/12/2022 I removed their link: because their site hasn’t been responding.

    With 2,124 free sheet music and counting, Mutopia Project has something for everyone. While this site leans on classical music selection, there are also contemporary and new arrangements for you. For easy browsing, click first the instrument option to let you access the 788 arrangement listing.

    There is no available image preview for each music but you can see some information like whether it’s a Public Domain property or under the license of Creative Commons. You can also choose the file format you want to download like mid, ps, ly, or pdf. The LilyPond (ly) file formats also allow users to print, modify, record, distribute, copy, and perform the arrangement without any legal infringement.

  8. Free Scores

    Free Scores WebsiteFree Scores is one of the websites with wide resources. For piano alone, the music listing is over 34,000 in different genres such as classical, romantic, jazz, contemporary, Christmas carols, modern classical, renaissance, and so on. Click the Free Sheet Music category on the top section of the main page to access the array of piano selections.

  9. Piano Song Download

    Piano Song Download WebsiteAnother exclusive source of free piano sheet music is Piano Song Download. There is a great selection for every skill level like Easy for Level 1, Late Beginner for Level 2, Early Intermediate for Level 3, and Intermediate & Advanced. Also available are free Hymn, Christmas, and Halloween sheet music. Just click FREE MUSIC in the categories to lead you to lots of resources.


Sheet music is very useful when you are training and mastering your skills. The more pieces you can perfectly play on the piano, the greater confidence you will gain to jumpstart a musical career or enhance your creative side and passion.

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