Piano Music Books Beginners

How To Build The Grandmaster In You

Piano Music Books Beginners or… How to Build the Grandmaster in You?

A Beginner’s Guide on What to Read to Learn Piano

Everything has a beginning, even this blog needs to start somewhere before it can be of use and show its whole content!

Learning how to play instruments like the piano is the same. You have to lay the blocks right from the bottom to build a foundation, then add a little focus and a dash of dedication, and voila! You are now a grandmaster pianist!

Kidding aside, getting to learn the piano even without musical background is not impossible. Of course, if you are talented enough, which I believe you are, you can learn it easily! And if it’s not you, but your child who you want to be the future virtuoso, then great! Much better. As they said, start them young!

So where do we start?

Read. There are tons of beginning piano music books out there! These books can help you or your child gain a greater interest in playing the instrument as well as teach you the basic skills needed for it.

Here is a list of some books that will aid you, and mainly your child in your quest to be the next Chopin!

Alfred’s All-in-One Course for Children

Beginning Piano Music BooksAdult books that lack colorful illustrations will be very bland for our young beginners, and sometimes even for the adults themselves. Those books would often fail to ignite the burning imaginations of children. That’s why the best learning books for children are often colorful. This will also help them associate learning piano with joy and positivity.

Alfred’s ‘All-in-one Course for Children’, is one of your go-to books if you want your child to play the Piano. It explains music theory and playing the said instrument in a way where a child can easily gain interest in it!

The book also illustrates minor and other major details needed when playing the instrument such as proper posture, finger, placement and more.

What’s more is that the book has multiple music sheets for nursery rhymes, which are great pieces for young beginners.

Piano for Dummies’ and ‘Piano & Keyboard All-in-One for Dummies’ – For dummies?!

Piano & Keyboard For DummiesHold your horses for a while my friend and let me explain why this book should be on your list, especially if you are a complete novice.

‘For Dummies’ books are well known for their approach towards subjects whereas they explain the lessons in a way that even ‘dummies’ can understand. It explains the specifics of music theories in a straightforward manner, then tells the basics of playing the Piano without any complexity that might discourage you from playing the instrument.

What makes this book worth considering is that it lets you explore the hidden creativity within you as it goes to the creation of your tune. Add to it the occasional humor that will make the learning experience fun and memorable!

Piano Adventures: Primer Level – Lesson Book

Primer Level Lesson Book Piano AdventuresThis one is for our young Mozart out there!

The Primer Level of Piano Adventure series is one of the highly praised books in terms of teaching learning methods to those children who aspire to play the Piano!

It encompasses the broadness of the bigger picture of playing the piano, as it not only goes to teach you where to put your fingers on but also how you should sit and how you should set your whole body as you harmonize with your instrument.

Piano Adventure pays lots of attention to using step-by-step method learning as it lets you master the basics first before proceeding to the more complex part of it. And to make sure you retain the lessons you have familiarized previously, it combines the current task with the previous topics to achieve retention.

The Primer Level is just the beginning of the entire Piano Adventure Series. As such, you can always avail your young ones of the next book and the preceding books after it once they’ve learned it properly.

Ultimate Beginner’s Series

The Ultimate Beginner's Series Keyboard BasicsHuh? You’re here to learn Piano just for fun?! Then this one is probably the best for you!

Learning the Piano, as I said earlier is characterized by dedication and time spent on it. However, if you so desire to just simply impress someone and you don’t have time to dedicate some for learning, then you can try this book!

This book teaches Piano and everything in a fast-paced manner.

Get Set! Piano Pieces Book 1

Get Set Piano Pieces Book 1Kids. They learn through colorful illustrations and such! And this book is that!

It’s a book catered for kids of any learning methods as it wonderfully introduces the topic of musicality to kids while not overwhelming them with too much information.

This book, however, does not go deep towards Piano as its main purpose is to be a gateway of learning music for children. It is best used as an introductory material to attract your child’s interest in music.

A Dozen A Day

A Dozen A Day AnthologyAs much as we would like to keep things light, cozy, and lively for children, it is still crucial that they grasp the essence of what we wanted to cultivate in them. ‘A dozen a day’ is a book that will slowly build your child’s foundation towards greater stuff of music.

It starts by giving your children warm-up exercises, an activity that is a must for even veteran players, then tasking them to do light activities on the piano. And as they become synchronized to the instrument that they are playing, you can then proceed forward.

What Kind of Books?

Aside from the books above, there are tons of different piano music books for beginners out there. There are books with colorful illustrations. There are books that simply explain what needs to be explained, and there are books for children, teens, and books for adults.

So what aspects do you need to look for when getting a book to learn from?

First is the learning method, each child or person has their characteristics that often lead to their distinctive learning style. These styles would be the golden door for their talents to bloom. As such, it is essential that you get a book that is tailor-made for you or your child’s temperament to optimize the learning experience.

Another is if the book is easy to understand for the one that will use it. Books that are too hard to understand would be bad for beginners.

Closing Remarks

Not a grandmaster pianist yet?

What? You think that you will be a grandmaster just by reading some books? Of course, you can’t! You see, all of these books are mere guides. If you do not practice what is written within the pages of your piano music books beginners, then what’s the use? Geniuses are made. And a genius pianist is made through pressing the keys oh so many times! But then again, this is just the beginning of your journey towards playing a wonderful melody that would surely be remembered by many.

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