Relaxing Music For Children

Relaxing Music For Children


Relaxing music for children: benefits of sounds

Many do not know it, but hearing is the first sense that the human being develops. So relaxing music for children is more than an external stimulus: it is an excellent way to promote their physical and psychological development.

Benefits of relaxing music for children

With three months of gestation, the baby already has the wonderful ability to listen, and with only two months of birth he can capture rhythms. With only half a year he can even recognize melodies, something unique and wonderful.

Numerous scientific studies have revealed that it is very important for children to listen to music to enhance their development. This does not mean that they will be gifted, but it does mean that they will be able to display numerous qualities that will help them throughout their lives.

Music is very positive because of the following benefits it offers to the child:

Increases memory, concentration and attention

By paying attention to the lyrics of the songs, as well as their melody, children are able to learn to remember and reproduce in their minds what they have been listening to, what amuses them and at the same time teaches them, something that influences their behavior. the increase in memory.

Helps intellectual growth

Numerous studies have shown that relaxing music for children promotes intellectual growth. It turns out that this type of activity generates an immense amount of neural activity in children.

Music corresponds to the human stimulus that activates more parts of the brain . Exposure to it to children, especially when they are newborns, greatly stimulates their intellectual development as they grow older.

Allows fluidity of expression

The fluency of body expression develops favorably when exposed to music. Singing the lyrics of the songs can be simple when the rhythm is known, that is why the child adopts the ability to repeat very complex phrases that he would not otherwise use.

Reduce stress levels

Music has the ability to significantly relax the little ones. This can help them deal with other stressful situations that normally occur when children are growing up, helping them to mature properly.

Importance of relaxing music for children

Relaxing music for children is very important, since it promotes the child’s linguistic development, allowing the development of neural connections that are active in the field of language. In addition, it has other important factors that positively influence the development of children.

Stimulation of creativity and imagination

Why relaxing music? When it comes to this type of music, the child is able to develop his inner world, widely increasing skills in other subjects that belong to the same branch, such as drawing and painting.

On the other hand, having the ability to recognize rhythmic patterns influences the motivational and creative region of the brain , positively encouraging it to properly develop its imagination.


Thanks to the external and internal stimulation produced by music, the child can achieve the ability to find solutions to mathematical and logical problems. If, on the other hand, a musical education is added, the effects are maximized.

It turns out that being able to understand the duration of the notes in each of the scores directly activates the brain area related to mathematical calculations.

Development of senses, muscles and balance

Relaxing music for children promotes a good balance, since when dancing the movements can be adapted to the rhythm of the music, imprinting on them good coordination, an adequate location in a spatial sense and excellent muscle strength.

Increased sociability

Music means giving children the opportunity to interact with other children and adults, giving them excellent opportunities to develop in society, in such a way that it creates social skills in them.

Singing groups, group dances, and knowing the same song as others can help you meet more people and have fun together on many occasions.

Adequate control of emotions

Music is wonderful, it has the ability to evoke emotions in both children and adults . Depending on the circumstances and the lyrics of the music, it can provoke different emotions in people.

Music can activate or relax a person . Listening to happy songs can help children to improve if they are going through a sad moment or a stressful situation.

With three months of gestation, the baby already has the wonderful ability to listen, and with only two months of birth he can capture rhythms. With only half a year he can even recognize melodies, something unique and wonderful

With three months of gestation, the baby already has the wonderful ability to listen, and with only two months of birth he can capture rhythms. With only half a year he can even recognize melodies, something unique and wonderful

From what age is it appropriate to play music for children?

Parents have in their hands this valuable development tool, capable of creating mature and resilient children. Because of this, you should not miss the opportunity to play music for them from an early age.

In the mother’s womb

Since the sense of hearing develops in the first trimester of pregnancy, it is appropriate for the mother to play music for the baby from the time it is in the womb.

Music helps stimulate the fetus’s heart rate , allowing it to react and become emotional just like an adult. It also promotes the production of endorphins in the mother.

At birth

As if that were not enough, the same mother can sing relaxing music for children, so that at birth, the baby will have the ability to recognize his mother’s voice and the melodies that she sang to him before birth, something that is surprising.

In its development

If parents take care to encourage their children to play a musical instrument, the benefits will multiply for sure. However, you must not forget that to observe the results, the children will have to be constant and dedicate a lot of time.

Seeing the importance and benefits of relaxing music for children, as parents you should feel motivated and willing to help them in this important aspect of their lives.

The ear is a window that allows you to stimulate your baby’s speech development in many ways, fill that window with music!

Do you want your baby to fall asleep? Try these songs

Few things can give more calm and sweetness than seeing a baby sleep. However, as any parent will know, achieving this sometimes takes countless efforts.

And among the many things you will resort to to make it sure are the songs.

Science has shown that music can stimulate various regions of the brain that can change the mood, favoring, for example, rest. Something that lullabies have been demonstrating for centuries.

When you sing a lullaby to your baby , you not only transmit all your love and favor his cognitive function through sounds and language, you also help him relax. The singing of the parents contributes to modulate the arousal of babies who do not yet know how to speak, as some studies point out.

During the first 2 years of life, hearing is one of the most important senses. This is because the foundations of intellectual development in early childhood are largely sensory. Do not so surprising that pedagogues and composers, from Montessori, to Orff or Dalcroze, emphasize the importance of this art in this stage of growth.

And yes, Music is a tool to help babies with something as necessary and vital as sleeping , as Dr. M Luisa Ferrers, a child psychologist specializing in neuropsychology and author of Musical Intelligence: Stimulates the development of your child , assures Business Insider Spain . through music .

According to the specialist, the songs are recommended because through them children “tune in to the rhythm”, which relaxes them and helps them fall asleep “If music has also been used during pregnancy, the effect is even greater ” he remarks.

For songs to be effective in this task, “you have to associate music with moments of relaxation”. “When the baby listens to them must be calm, without stimuli that can alter it: neither light, nor noises, nor excessive or sudden movements, but rocking or rocking”, advises Ferrers.

Obviously, not just any rhythm or theme works either. But it is convenient that the songs to sleep meet a series of requirements.

It has been shown that deep sounds have a more relaxing effect than those that are high-pitched, and that there are sounds that please the baby and provide relaxation and tranquility.

The most suitable music for babies “are monochords and have a frequency of 33.3 Mhertz, such as Mozart’s music,” says the specialist.

It also recommends that they have beats similar to the heartbeat , “since as the child is 9 months listening in the background to the beating of his mother’s heart, that sound acts as an emotional thread and transmits security and protection”.

Here are some of the best songs to put your baby to sleep. Or even to help you sleep too.

Mozart to sleep babies

Mozart is one of the most used names when looking for classical music to relax or stay focused. And he is among the composers recommended by the specialist. This YouTube playlist offers you up to 4 hours of classical music by the renowned composer, designed to put your baby to sleep.

The lyrical melodies that predominate in the composition with sounds of violins, clarinets and cello will undoubtedly help children to relax and fall asleep.

Brahms Lullaby

Johannes Brahms – Wiegenlied Op. 49 No. 4 (Lullaby). Without a doubt, it is the most popular baby sleep theme in the world. The lullaby of the composer Johannes Brahms, Op. 49, n. 4, is a lied for voice and piano first published in 1868.

Since then, this popular lullaby has become a theme that every parent has ever hummed to put their restless offspring to sleep. You can also opt for the version with lyrics, to cradle your baby and make him fall asleep.

Bach songs to help your baby sleep

Classical Music for Relaxation, Music for Stress Relief, Relax Music, Bach, E044. Johann Sebastian Bach is undoubtedly one of the greatest classical music composers of all time.

Some of his great compositions can also help the little ones to sleep or relax. Although he is widely known for his organ and harpsichord pieces, in this Bach selection to relax your baby, songs with softer sounds such as the violin, oboe or flute prevail .

Beethoven songs for children

Baby Beethoven 6 Hours Baby Songs To Go To Sleep. Some of the most popular compositions of the famous composer will also be useful as lullabies for your baby.

These Beethoven themes played on piano, at a slow pace without much treble, provide the relaxation and tranquility necessary to fall asleep.

Marconi Union, “Weightless” the most relaxing song in the world

Weightless by Manchester trio Marconi Union is considered the most relaxing song in the world. It is not surprising. The theme was composed together with music therapists to create a song that would slow down breathing and reduce brain activity.

Its effectiveness is such that experts advise against listening to it while driving. The calm in which it immerses the body and mind is such that your baby will surely not be able to resist and will succumb to sleep.

Lullabies of the world

Nothing better than a lullaby to calm children or help them sleep. To go a little further than the classics and broaden horizons, this playlist is a journey through some of the most beautiful lullabies in the world .

In this way you can help your children fall asleep to the lull of different sounds and languages from the 5 continents.

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