How Is Music Important?

How Is Music Important?

How and Why is Music Important?

Humans are political creatures they say, but the thing that they never admit is that we are also the embodiment of arts and music! Ever since the Genesis of time, humans have already been incorporating music into their everyday lives! The music and the beat resound unto us, bringing us much closer to it than we could imagine!

But, many people do not seem to see the importance of music. As what they would claim, music is just for entertainment. Music might be mainly used for entertainment today but does not mean music has no other uses! So, how is music important?

Let’s start with how music is used in almost all kinds of media in the present time. You see, almost all kinds of media, especially the non-written ones, have musicality for them to further grab the attention of the audience. For example, a dramatic scene in a movie would not look sad at all if you put a comedic sound in it instead.

“But isn’t that for entertainment?!” Well yes, but try to look at it from another angle.

It helps you express yourself

It is very hard to express feelings, especially if you are not used to doing it. If you hide all those negative feelings deep inside your heart, you may end up having an emotional breakdown.

That is where music takes its place.

In the myriad choices of songs out there, we can easily find a certain song that would definitely resound to the tumultuous feelings that are wrecking in our hearts – bringing forth the tears, anger, and perhaps happiness in us.

To people who don’t write music, they will choose the artist and their music to represent their heart.

And for musicians who wield instruments and/or good singing voices, they can use their talents to express the heaviness or the lightness inside their heart.

It helps your memories

It is scientifically proven[1] that by trying to memorize something while playing a song (mostly those from the classical period) can help your memorization significantly.

It is because your mind is associating your lesson to the music you are listening to. We humans also tend to remember phrases sung lyrically compared to memorizing them normally.

As a result, music is touted as a useful way to swiftly grasp new lessons.

Poems may have come first in your basic school education. Poems are taught to children because they are fun to learn and remember. The poems are more enjoyable because of the music. You only remember those poems because of this.

Nowadays, even schools are recognizing the value of music these days, and as a result, they are improving teaching techniques by incorporating music into them.

It helps to boost mood

There is a reason why people like to listen to music, it’s because music is the sound of human emotion!

There is music for hyping your mood, there is music for resting your thoughts, and there are some for consoling your emotions.

Music, especially upbeat ones, can help alleviate or improve a person’s mood. While some sentimental music might remind you of some good memories or even unpleasant ones. In these cases, it becomes a company for people as they revel in the symphony of the past.

It helps promote creativity

Earlier, I mentioned that music is a great way to express yourself. If you practice making music, you might find it hard at first to convey your emotions through music. But as time goes by, you will find your creativity shoot up as you finally get enlightened on how to express yourself.

And even If you are not a musician yourself, music can still increase your creativity as it lets you use your mind to imagine the meaning of the lyrics of a song as you engage your senses for the music.

It helps to promote unity

Similarities often bring people together, and this is especially true for people with the same music taste. Music is an effective tool for bringing people together. People gather to enjoy the music being played, whether it’s at a festival, concert, or night club.

Music establishes public unity, it communicates to your heart when words can fail, and wherever you go in the world, it is sure to be understood.

It can help you make money

Can you remember some product songs or jingles so catchy you eventually went on to try their goods? Yes, that’s it!

Music has become one of the ways to make products, services, advocacy, and campaigns known to people. As humans tend to repeatedly hum the song that they recently liked, the information within it can get disseminated quickly to those who listen to it!


Music is very important, not only for entertainment, but for other purposes as well. It is a part of our past and present as it affects the lives of humans ever since the beginning of time.

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