At What Age Can You Learn Violin?

At what age can you learn violin?

At what age can you learn violin?

The violin, a difficult instrument

Choosing to learn to play the violin may be a wise thing to do, but carrying it out is not easy. This instrument has long had a solid reputation for being an impossible instrument to learn, at least impossible in a short time. Ancestor of the viola de bow , the violin is an instrument that comes from different instrumental evolutions.

Its current form did not appear until the 17th century. At that time and until the end of the 20th century, the violin was accessible only to the bourgeoisie or the nobility, since the instrument was very expensive. Today, we still find violins at a price of around $10’000.

Stradivarius violins are among the most expensive on the market.

Today, the violin has become popular. The appearance of online sales platforms such as Ebay or Amazon has drastically reduced the price of this instrument. In addition, the electric violin has also appeared, available on the Internet for prices between $60 and $100, so the instrument is within the reach of almost all pockets. However, the price of the instrument does not eliminate the difficulty in mastering it.

If you have just started taking classes, the most normal thing is that you will continue with the classes for many years. This of course also depends on how often the student practices and how they learn to play the instrument. The evolution will not be the same either if the student is in a conservatory or if he learns in a self-taught way. Regardless, an apprentice violinist must learn the correct movements, and this takes time. Vibrato, finger position on the neck, rubbing the strings the right way… There are a lot of techniques you need to master to get good sounds.

Also discover how long it takes to learn to play the violin.

The advantages of learning to play the piano at a very young age

Considering that learning to play the violin is complicated, why not do it as soon as possible? This is the question many parents ask themselves before enrolling their child in a conservatory or music school. In Spain, conservatories receive young musicians between 7 and 8 years old, the age at which the system estimates that students have sufficient maturity and motor skills to develop violin skills .

If parents want to enroll their children earlier, there are private schools that welcome children from 3 years old . But is it really necessary to start so young? There are many advantages to learning from such a young age. Children usually have a great desire to discover new things, special attention and a great facility to assimilate knowledge .

Scientific studies have shown that the largest number of connections in the nervous system is created before the age of 7. In addition, it is shown that students do better in school when they study music, as they learn to concentrate and work hard. The earlier children start music classes, the less conditioned they will be by school learning. Therefore, they are more open to other methods of learning , especially until the age of twelve, when the brain finishes forming and connections are made.

Introduction to music helps students develop their social skills

But learning to play the violin as a child is not only beneficial. Keep in mind that the first year of study is dedicated to music theory, so children of 7 or 8 years old can quickly get bored by music theory and give up all interest in the violin. Thus, it is not advisable to start too soon because of the risk of boring the child with the theory. It is preferable to sign your child up if he asks for it, after showing a particular interest in music or doing an hour test to see if he likes it.

It is also necessary to take into account the motor skills of the child. Music classes can either help him develop his moves or disrupt him. Once again, you should pay attention to the signals your child sends you. In any case, the child must participate voluntarily and not be forced by their parents.

Learn to play the violin as a teenager

The violin has never had much of a rock reputation until the last decade. With the appearance of the electric violin, learning to play the violin has become very fashionable and many groups use it in their compositions. Thus, adolescents are increasingly interested in this string instrument, although they do not neglect the electric guitar or the drums.

To learn to play this instrument, teenagers have many options regarding the learning method: YouTube videos, free online violin lessons, private tutor, method books to learn to play the violin… But is it really possible? start playing the violin at this point in our lives?

Adolescence is a time when we like to have a group of friends and when it is important that things catch our attention. We have to find appropriate methods so as not to get bored. Learners should not see music lessons as an obligation but rather as a way to have fun with friends and have a good time . Participating in an intensive violin course is a very suitable option for teenagers.

During the school holidays, you can do a violin course for a week with different activities to discover the instrument and learn to handle it with classes such as:

  • Musical formation
  • Improvisation
  • Rhythmic
  • Read the notes
  • Use a metronome
  • Read a sheet music
  • Tempo
  • Orchestra
  • Musical composition

Whatever the level of the student (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and his style of music (flamenco, rock, jazz, classical music, Irish music, folk, chamber music, soundtracks…), it is possible to integrate among others musicians of his age. If you are looking for violin lessons for beginners, why not try our platform?

Learning the violin as a teenager is not a problem.

The courses are the perfect opportunity to meet people and motivate yourself in a group. And why not form a music group? Playing in a group has many benefits in learning music. Teenagers set goals like playing a song by a group they like or putting on a show they have to prepare for by the end of the year. There is nothing better to motivate yourself! Also, letting teens choose the songs is a great way to give them autonomy as they learn.

Although the adolescent does not have the same facilities as a young person who started playing the violin at the age of 7, it is perfectly possible to reach a good level with motivation.

Learn to play the violin as an adult: possible or not?

Many people give up learning to play an instrument like the violin as an adult. It is said that it is difficult, if not impossible, to reach an acceptable level when the barrier of 25 years is exceeded. Good news: it’s completely up to you! The real difficulty is finding the time to learn this new instrument. That is why some adults take years to learn the violin.

Because in fact, sometimes it is difficult to find time for violin lessons between children, housework and work. In addition, you have to return to a learning environment that was abandoned years or decades ago, so it can seem difficult to immerse yourself again in theory classes on solfeggio and other musical concepts. The solution may be to take violin lessons online; a way to organize yourself as you see fit. The most important thing is to be motivated and not to skip classes.

Time is the only enemy of adults.

For those who prefer to have a teacher, some schools offer adult violin lessons. And for those who prefer personalized learning, taking violin lessons with a private teacher may be the right solution, since the program is adapted to your available time, your age, your background as a musician, as well as your expectations and goals.

The love for the violin has no age

It is often said that love knows no age. Your passion for the violin shouldn’t have it either. Whether you’re 5, 15 or 35, age doesn’t really influence a musician’s progress . However, children have an easier time because they assimilate habits very quickly, but they just need motivation . It is the motivation that will define the amount of hours that you will dedicate to the violin and will keep you going in the difficult moments in which you will want to leave it.

Therefore, keep in mind that in a children’s violin class, if the child does not like the violin, they will not learn better or faster than a highly motivated adult. All this depends on your will and dedication.

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