The 5 Best Quality-Price Trombones For Kids

5 Best Quality-Price Trombones For Kids

If you are thinking of starting your trombone studies or you simply want to play a different wind instrument, I congratulate you, firstly because you show personality and desire to get away from the more traditional instruments and secondly because you are going to discover an instrument with a powerful sound but at the same time. soft and melodic turn that will hook you from the first moment. Choose one of the best value-for-money trombones on the market today.

For several centuries of history, the trombone is an essential part of many musical groups, symphony orchestras, dance orchestras, street music, music bands, jazz, and much more.

Like all wind instruments, and especially brass instruments, you will need a progressive adaptation to the mouthpiece, the volume of air, and the pressure necessary to produce a pleasant sound, but don’t worry, studying and practicing will help you become a master. great trombonist.

If you have decided to choose the trombone over any other instrument, then you must get the most suitable trombone for each stage of your development as a musician.

A trombone is an excellent option for beginners and if you, your son, or your daughter want to start getting the most out of this formidable instrument, you should familiarize yourself with the best quality-price trombones through these reviews of the best trombones for beginners that we have prepared.

The 5 Best Quality-price Trombones for Kids

In this article, you will find the best affordable trombone on the market, and other excellent options for the initiation of children according to our opinion after having tried practically all of them.

They are advised on trombones that have demonstrated a quality capable of more than justifying their price, regardless of the brand to which they belong. For that reason, any of them is an excellent purchase.

1. Trombone With Transposition Roy Benson 701156

We present what for me would be the best value for money purchase currently on the trombone market.

  • Good sound and tuning
  • Robust
  • Does not require an excessive volume of air
  • Very good value for money
  • Open wrap system

I like it a lot because it is an extremely balanced trombone. It has a vibrant, velvety sound, very easy to play. With a wide pipe that gives us body and personality in our sound.

If you look closely, all of their bridges to welds and pumps are painstakingly welded and structured. As for its chrome and gold, they are of very high quality. Without a doubt, we realize that it will be an instrument that will serve us for many years as musicians.

Once we hold it by hand we realize that the trombone is highly compensated in weight, which will make it easier when spending many hours studying and not getting tired of holding it.

A very remarkable thing to keep in mind about the Roy Benson trombone is its Open Wrap system, which greatly facilitates the passage of air in the fourth transposer pump.

I do not consider that this trombone is for very young students, or novice students, since although the instrument provides a great sound with body and great projection, it is also very demanding when it comes to filling its entire path with air, therefore we will need a good lung capacity, for this reason, an amateur trombonist will not get enough performance out of this instrument.

The combination of chrome and gold of the pumps and the bell do it with a beautiful aesthetic and as for the mechanism of the transposer we will say that it works perfectly in a silky and silent way,

As for its case, it is soft and light, the zippers are very well sewn and with a design to be able to transport it in backpack mode, without a doubt a great purchase for all those already initiated trombonists.

There is a detail that I liked a lot and that is that it requires very little maintenance since the rotor transmission is executed through the shaft, having already eliminated the rope system that needed greasing and very assiduous cleaning, otherwise it would get stuck.

Without a doubt, I recommend this trombone because, although its price is very good, in my opinion, it is true that it is superior to others that we have analyzed. But if you can make the financial effort, do not think about it, it is the true master purchase.

2. Trombone With Transposer Thomann Classic Tf547 L

Without a doubt, this trombone is one of the best options that we can choose when purchasing a trombone with a transposer.

This trombone offers us a full-bodied but sweet sound at the same time. However, it is a very demanding trombone, this is due to the large diameter of its pipe, the greater the diameter of the pipe, the more volume of air the instrument will require to make it sound. This is a fact to take into account since, for a young instrumentalist, it will not be adequate.

This trombone would be highly recommended to start an intermediate degree in the conservatory or for instrumentalists already at an intermediate level, generally used for classical music and chamber music.

The sound projection of the Thomann Classic TF547 L Trombone impresses anyone, with a bell of almost 250 mm, this instrument has a brutal sound volume that, well managed, can delight listeners.

It is a very good option when buying a second quality trombone, not only because of the very good quality-price ratio but also because of the sound that is achieved with this instrument and the good tuning that it has, even its timbre comes to remind much more expensive trombones.

As for the mechanism and the rod, we will say that it is perfect having the rods, chromed with an absolute and fine slide.

One of the small drawbacks of this trombone, in my opinion, is that the piping system is a Closed Wrap closed circuit, which means that the fourth gear pump, see the transposer, is much more coiled than in the Open Wrap systems, open systems. The Open Wrap system provides a feeling of greater amplitude and offers a faster response when using F coupling.

As for the equipment that the instrument comes with, we will say that its case passes the standards that a case should have both in terms of protection and quality of materials and that it comes with a small pot for the rod grease.

Another of the things that we quite like is that they have taken into account the ergonomic system of the left thumb to handle its very comfortable, quiet, and smooth transposer.

3. Trombone Pbone 700638

In the world of initiation, the Pbone trombones are the best known and the most successful.

  • Very cheap price
  • Lightweight
  • Good tuning
  • Brittle material
  • Plastic mouthpiece
  • Poor quality case

Its solid design and powerful sound have made this trombone a benchmark in the plastic instrument segment.

The truth is that all these plastic instruments such as trumpets, euphonium, tubas, and trombones, which have been flooding the musical instrument market for more than two years, are a great option when we do not want to invest money in an instrument.

In addition to the price, they also have other advantages such as low weight and how light they are, perhaps this is one of the most positive points of these instruments. Their low weight makes them very attractive to all brass players, especially children.

Are you looking for a PVC trombone with a transposer? As we have already mentioned, the price of PVC instruments is usually very cheap. Although the star brand of plastic trombones is Pbone, if you want a plastic trombone with a transposer I would opt for the Startone PTB 20 Trombone that you can find at Thomann.

4. Trombone Startone SSL 45

This is probably the best-selling trombone in history. The Thomann Startone was one of the first tenor trombones to be made and intended for people who wanted to enter the world of music. With this instrument, they created a very economical instrument, very reliable, and with an incredible sound.

  • Good price
  • Sound
  • Easy to sound
  • Robust

It is an extremely comfortable narrow pipe trombone that, once placed in the hand and beginning to play, we realize that it is very grateful and very easy to sound.

It requires very little air and gives us a great projection of sound, honestly, the engineers who created and developed this instrument achieved all the purposes they wanted.

The Startone SSL 45 Trombone has a smooth slide that slides very easily, is very well aligned, and with a very high-quality chrome finish, this gives the instrument great robustness and avoids possible superficial scratches on the finish of the slide.

As for its 205 mm bell, it is balanced for the sound projection of the diameter of its slide, more than enough for the purpose that this trombone has been designed for, mainly for small street music groups or small music halls, it provides us with a more than enough volume.

To conclude this review I will tell you that in terms of tuning it has no problem.

One of these Startone, has been with me for more than eight years, and I can assure you that no fault can be found, the sliding of the rod continues as the first day, its pumps, with proper maintenance, enter and exit without any problem. The thread of the bell fitting with the body of the trombone works perfectly, so I have no complaints. If so many have been sold and you have so few complaints, it’s because it’s a great buy for someone new to the world of the trombone.

5. Trombone Ammoon Cupronickel

This trombone has been thoroughly tested not only by me but by several professional trombonists, we all agree on the same thing, it leaves us with a bittersweet feeling.

  • Good price
  • Balanced weight
  • Sound projection
  • Low volume
  • Bad mouthpiece

The price is very attractive and the trombone has a nice timbre, but its sound projection and volume leave a lot to be desired.

One of the things that we liked is that once placed in the hand the instrument is quite well compensated in weight and balanced.

But the inconveniences have been greater than the advantages of the Ammoon Cuproniquel trombone, we have detected that the two units we bought need to extract a lot of the pump to be able to tune, this should not be a very big inconvenience, but it does denote the Ammoon house, He hasn’t put much effort into making it.

Another of the drawbacks that we have seen is that the pump that expels the excess saliva that has passed from the rod has faults in the cork adhesives and the bridge welds.

When you are playing the instrument it is smooth and the slide responds correctly, without problems, but its sound leaves a bit to be desired.

As for the case that comes with the instrument, we will say that the fittings are plastic and are a bit flimsy, it does not give you much confidence when putting them in a backpack format.

It is missing a bottle of lubricant for the slide as they usually come in almost all tenor trombones.

The trombone does not work badly but it is not a great instrument for a beginning musician either, we are faced with an inexpensive trombone to begin to make it sound valid for children who are beginning, but I do not consider it correct for students who have a considerable level. or have been playing the trombone for a few years.

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