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Things to Look for When Buying a Piano Footstool for Kids

Young kids stand to enjoy lots of benefits just by learning to play the piano. Aside from instilling appreciation for music early on, playing the piano can help develop their hand-eye coordination. It can likewise boost their self-esteem and facilitate brain development.

Kid Needing Piano Footrest

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While starting at a young age can bring a lot of advantages, small and very young kids may have a hard time concentrating on piano lessons. For one, their feet may not be long enough to reach the floor while playing. This can be very inconvenient for them. Thus, they may sit with dangling feet, instead of sitting firmly. This may cause them to lose focus and concentration.

This is where a piano footstool can help the child.

Why Small Kids Need to Have Their Feet Planted on the Ground While Playing the Piano

The first time you sit on a piano bench, your feet will usually settle on an upright footrest planted on the floor. You may then shift your weight as you play, with your feet staying on the stool.

This is also the case for children. By being comfortably seated with their feet snugly in place, they can play with more ease and confidence – whether during piano lessons or recitals. Keeping this form consistently as they move on to learning more advanced lessons will help them develop skills faster without compromising accuracy.

How the Right Piano Footrest Can Help Improve Posture

Small kids may encounter a lot of problems if their feet cannot reach the ground. For instance, their feet may swing as they play. This will disrupt their rhythm, resulting to a poor performance. They may also lose their focus as they may pay more attention to their dangling feet than on their piano lessons.

With their feet not touching the ground, young children will get tired easily, and will tend to hunch their shoulders. They may also show poor hand placement. As a result, they will play with less efficiency.

One effective solution to prevent these issues, and make kids more comfortable while playing is by using a piano foot rest.

Things to Look for When Buying a Piano Footstool

When on the market for a footstool for your child’s piano lessons, there are some things to consider. These include the following:


While young and small kids don’t really need a sturdy piano footrest, a durable and adjustable piano footrest designed to accommodate even bigger kids can be functional for a long time. Children can use them – from the time they start with their basic lessons until they move on to more advanced lessons, and even beyond.

Made from High Quality Material

The footrest must also be made from high quality material such as Lauan hardwood plywood, known to be tougher than ordinary natural wood. This way, the foot rest can be used even by bigger and older children, and will continue to look like new for a long time.

Lightweight and Portable

The piano foot rest must be lightweight – convenient to pick-up and bring anywhere. This way, your kid can use the footrest during piano lessons or performances, whether at home or anywhere else. Some models also come with easy-carry handles that will allow you to transport the piano footstool to where your child needs it.


A piano footstool (adjustable) will grow with your child. With easy-to-adjust footsteps, you can set the stool at various heights to accommodate your child’s growth. It is also ideal for piano teachers as they can easily adjust the foot rest for individual students, depending on the support they need.

Easy Storage

When not in use, you can conveniently tuck the footstool under the piano. And when a grownup is playing the piano, it will not get in the way or unnecessarily take up floor space.


Now, you don’t want the footstool to move around while in use. Make sure that the piano footstool for your child has a slip-resistant base. This will make it safe and convenient to use on any floor surface – even on hard flooring.

Final Word

Choosing the right piano footrest for your child to use while learning to play the piano is important. You may argue that it is not important since it is under the keyboard anyway. As mentioned, playing the piano with your feet not touching the ground can affect not only your posture, but more importantly, your focus. Ultimately, your performance will suffer.

Adjustable Piano Footstool For Child

Courtesy of StrongTek

One of the best piano footstools on the market today is the adjustable piano footrest from StrongTek. It is designed with kids primarily aged 3 to 9 in mind, but it can be used even by bigger children and adults as it can accommodate weight of up to 350 lbs. It is also made from durable Lauan wood material and comes with carry handles that allow you to conveniently transport the footstool from one place to another.

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